Greetings from the President

Greetings to you all today.

The annual Summer Music School (SMS) is here again. As you all know, the Summer Music School is a programme of Lani Stephens Music Institute, Jos. It is an educational rehabilitation, social reorientation and poverty reduction programme, channeled through skill acquisition in musical arts and Vocational Education usually executed during the Nigerian long vacation. In Summer Music School, our aim is to design and implement job creation programmes that will promote attitudinal change, employement generation, poverty reduction and wealth creation. In recent time, we have included entrepreunerial, leadership and peace programmes to further foster unity and develop leadership skills and responsible lives among Nigerian youths. And this year, the Summer Music School has evolved in context and philosophy, with new features and very interesting ones in deed: this is the first time the training is tuition-free; the Summer Department for the first time has grown from two into seven; the first time we have invited an international facilitator; the first time the US Embassy is partnering with us; and very interestingly, the first time we are launching the online music school; also the first time we are holding the end of session performance outside Jos City and the first time the Abuja Sheraton Hotel will be hosting the event; Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to welcome you all to our year of new beginning since after the Jos crisis that informed our decision to open a new music campus in Abuja, Nigeria. Our Summer Music School’s departments have grown from one, in 1992 to seven relevant departments in 2014, having courses of direct relevance to the socio-economic needs of Nigerians and industrial development of the entertainment sector. The seven new departments include the Core Music Department, Career Support Department, Leadership Department, Professional Department, Entrepreneurship Department, Peace Studies Department and Social & Extra Musical Department respectively. With all sense of indebtedness, I say very big thank you to all our volunteering personnel, both local and foreign – you have all made it possible! Thank You!

In consonance with Nigerian government’s vision for human capital development, Lani Stephens Music Institute seeks to produce highly skilled, forward looking and culturally sensitive musicians, dancers, sound engineers, music teachers, producers and art managers who will not only contribute to our economic growth, but also use the potent power of the arts to promote the peace campaign that would restore Nigeria of our dream: a peaceful society where service delivery and wealth creation can thrive. This annual event of music workshop and training has widened the scope of its curriculum to provide such solutions.

For the first time this summer 2014, our expanded curriculum can now provide our students with interdisciplinary inquiries into how culture works with issues of diversity, power, creativity, identity, citizenship and globalization. By this, the anticipated generation to take over the entertainment industry would rather be agents of peace who would use their arts to lead the larger society to respond positively to social issues instead of resorting to violence.

In the nearest future, Lani Stephens Music Institute would like to design innovative and training programmes that would enhance our knowledge in Curriculum Planning for Music Conservatories like ours in Africa, also Music Production and Engineering; Music for Motion Picture; Music & Peace; Principles of Economics; Computer Applications for Music Education; Culture, Diversity & Artistry and neo-African music respectively.

Hopefully from next year 2015, this training programme would henceforth be four weeks of intensive technical and vocational education and training. The date would be Aug. 3rd – Sept. 5th 2015. Also from next year, the annual summer training would no longer be called Summer Music School but International Music Workshop. By this, the society would cease to understand our cherished programme as a summer school that merely keeps children busy while parents are busy at work. We are neither nannies nor extra-mural lesson teachers; we are technical and vocational skills providers on the platform of creative and performing arts and related disciplines. From experience, it is evident that administering an annual specialised and professional campus like this is no mean task at all, so we want the government, donor agencies, diplomatic missions, corporate organisations and generous individuals to strengthen our financial, human and material capacities to further increase our efficiency. By this, we can more easily source highly skilled faculty who would come to impact our youths for better career life and economic independence. This year, we are privileged to have joining us for the first time, all the way from New York City, Dr Richard Donald Smith. There is no doubt that you will experience new perspectives into musical arts education as you work with Dr Smith. We are so grateful to the embassy of the United States of America, Sheraton Hotel Abuja, Armour Gate and Every Child TV, Mobile Telecommunications Nigeria, Ministry of Youth Development, Destiny Child and all volunteers who have supported the 2014 Summer Campus of Lani Stephens Music Institute.

And on behalf of the Board of Governors, the management and staff of Lani Stephens Music Institute, I welcome you all to 2014 session of the International Music Workshop, Nigeria.

I wish this would be a rewarding experience to you all.

God bless you.

Dr Lani Stephens


The Summer Music School

Summer Music School is an educational and artistic environment, administered annually by Lani Stephens Music Institute (during the Nigerian long vacation), to fosters artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of music students and prepares them to embark on successful careers and productive lives as artists and citizens instead of yielding to restiveness. There are usually three categories of participants: children, youths and the elderly.

Summer 2014 Faculty

Summer 2014 Faculty & Courses:

2014 Faculty & Profile

After Summer

After this workshop it is expected that the knowledge acquired from our curriculum content and training will help candidates begin to design innovative initiatives that can generate reasonable financial gains.

Registration & Tuition

In response to the induced inequality that lures the youth to engage in vengeful acts of violence and terror, we have for the first time, made the summer programme this year to be tuition-free; only the registration of N10, 000 will still be paid.
Tuition: Free; Registration: N10, 000
Method of Payment
Pay your registration fee to any of the accounts and attach your bank teller to the print-out of your online Application Form and return to the secretariat on or before July 14th 2014.
Mainstreet Bank: Lani Stephens Music Institute - 7000012331
Skye Bank: Lani Stephens Music - 177-105-0947

The Background & Philosophy

In Nigeria today, the talented and the creative personalities are not usually found in the palaces but in the obscured ghettoes and low income communities. Owing to Nigerian peculiarity, potential world-class entrepreneurs cannot afford the relevant trainings in the areas of their passion and talent.

Consequently, the intractable communal clashes, religious terrorism, wars and genocide are certainly a threat to national development in all ramifications. The Summer Music School-2014 addresses the poverty index and political instability in Nigeria by providing an organized technical and vocational training in musical arts education; thereby opening new doors of opportunities to the restive Nigerian youths to adopt lucrative careers in: Hollywood, Nollywood, the Entertainment industry, Radio & Television, Cocktail Musicianship, Music Therapy, Sound Engineering, Performing & Media Arts, Advertising Corporations and Tourism Industry etc

Judging from the Nigerian market statistics, how the corporate organizations MTN, Etisalat, Mr Biggs, Maltina (Street Dance), Peak Milk , Lucozade Boost, all these and many others, including Nigerian government have all patronized the musical arts and Lani Stephens Music Institute has facilitated in some of these initiatives in the past.

This project is an educational rehabilitation, social reorientation and poverty reduction initiative, being channeled through an organized skill acquisition in musical arts and in Peace Building.

The Programme

It is a short-term Applied Musical Training program for the children and youth in Nigeria and usually holds annually during the long vacation (1st week of July to 1st week of September). It is a combination of educational, industrial, professional, entrepreneurial and socio-cultural education, towards personal growth and national development. It has been a popular annual event of our Music Institute in Jos since 1998 until the insurgence that disrupted the peace of the city.

The Operators

The operators of Summer Music School is Lani Stephens Music Institute, Abuja Campus (aka LANIJOS). LANIJOS began in 1992 and has operated as an independent music conservatory in Jos until its approval by the Federal Government in 2007 and finally licensed as a specialized tertiary institution by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2008 to help Nigerian develop relevant skills for national development instead of turning to crimes and other vices.


To provide professional music training for children & youth, to develop their creative talents for positive use, instead of turning to crimes and social vices during the long vacation. This is intended to give the youth practical hand-on musical arts education, social re-orientation, economic empowerment, educational rehabilitation, leadership and conflict resolution skills to combat our peculiar socio-economic challenges in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Reputable Faculty:

Our faculty and mentors would include Dr Richard Donald Smith (Fulbright Scholar and musicologist from USA), Dr Lani Stephens (Award-winning Composer, Performer and Educator), Guy Murray Bruce (Entertainment & media icon), Mr Wale Adenuga (Award-winning Nollywood Entrepreneur) and dozens of instructors of international repute, including high-profile Nollywood icons; having wealth of experience in educational, artistic and skills acquisition programmes; also disposed to entrepreneurial, cultural and Peace/Conflict studies; especially with ethical, moral, industrial and humanitarian philosophies.


OTHER SIDE ATTRACTIONS: (Social & Extra-musical Content)

For the efficiency of our training programme and especially the peculiarities of the target-groups, certain social and extra-curricular side attractions have been planned including the following:


Daily Course Work:

Timetable / Schedules


Daily Group Work (Performance Workshop):


Idleness has never been a virtue bur a threat to any society. And at the same time, we have realised that today’s youth community has a big chunk of their values in systems that are not always in consonance with ours. However, it has been proven that positive a response to their artistic values always brings them to terms with ours. And having considered all the above, that Lani Stephens Music Institute, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States, MTN Nigeria and others that have been mentioned earlier humbly invite you to join us in this campaign for national development as we fight poverty, create jobs and checking restiveness among the Nigerian youths, through the summer music school, Abuja 2014.