In this year summer music school, there are seven deparments, which include:

Among this departments there courses under them and they include:

Among all this courses available the student is expected to choose one core music course and one professional course, while the general courses are compusory for every student throughout the period of the summer school, and the general courses comes up between 2pm to 2:30pm everyday, after the general courses there is a practical class for the students, this class is ment for the student to practicalize what they have been taught in the class for the day and students are expected to form groups to practice together, this group can be a jazz group, choral group, dance group, accapella group, choreography group e.t.c. for personal and group development. All these informations are to be follow religionsly for proper activities and learning for the student. Student are not expected to come late to the class, and all students are expected to work with the time table accordingly.